39th “Coupe du Pétrole”

TPSMI Group recently engaged in the 39th “Coupe du Pétrole” with a unique challenge:

  • Gather a team from our divers, mainly those working in offshore operations, on a voluntary basis, to keep up with the “amateur” spirit that has been driving this competition since its beginning.
  • Only 2 people among the volunteers had notions of navigation, the rest were novices
  • As all the participants were in shifts, alternating with other teams, we were unable to schedule training sessions like other competitors who participate to other sailing races before this one.

The training consisted in an intense 2 days learning scheduled before the race. During these 2 days, the aim was to provide the team with sufficient knowledge to be able to manoeuvre properly. Always keeping in mind everyone’s safety first.

The downwind sailing techniques, the many direction changings requiring team mobilization: our divers had a lot to absorb.

Their winning spirit and motivation, combined with fair winds helped us a lot throughout the competition.

So it came as a huge surprise for many competitors that we able to make it to the 9th spot overall.

An amazing ranking that was only possible because of the incredible team spirit, the willingness and courage of our team.

And these are the same qualities that we bring to our work each day.

A big thank you and bravo to the participants who made TPSMI shine during this great human adventure. See you next year!

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