Premius spirit

Three priorities sum up the spirit in which Petrodive (former TPSMI) carries out its work: safety, quality of service and workforce motivation. They are brought together in our Premium Spirit programme of excellence.

This approach, which we are committed to providing to all our clients, is shared by every one of our 145-strong team, whose constant aim is to do even better.

Since 2009 Petrodive has invested in custom-built, up-to-date equipment in compliance with the guidelines set by IMCA, which certified our company in April 2010. That marked the start of our Premium Spirit programme, which has been regularly updated ever since in response to input from a steering committee, whose prime concern is health and safety.

These efforts were rewarded in June 2013 when we obtained ISO 9001-2008 certification.

Ever since it started Petrodive has sought, through a process of constant self-assessment, to optimize the quality of its services in the best interests of its clients, but without ever compromising on the safety of its personnel.

In short, as the Petrodive brand signature proclaims, we dive, you thrive.

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Premius Spirit