January 2015

Petrodive achieve approved supplier status with TOTAL Exploration & Production

Petrodive complete TOTAL EP Diving Safety Management Systems audit to reach approved supplier status. 

The audit took place towards the end of 2014 and was conducted at the Petrodive Africa head office in Congo, where a full review of the processes, facilities and staff competencies was carried out.  

The 75,000 square foot industrial unit currently acts as the primary base of operations where all diving assets are mobilised safely and efficiently.

At Pointe Noire based unit has resources situated in strategic shoreside bases, which provides localised logistical support to various clients’ operational requirements.

Petrodive has successfully passed an audit with TOTAL EP that sees them reach approved supplier status to carry out surface supplied air and nitrox diving services.The oil and gas industry is renowned for being robust on its approach to QHSE and requires contractors to operate to recognised standards. In passing the back-to-back audits, Petrodive has demonstrated its capability to operate at high QHSE standards in line with industry recognised performance levels.

Improving performance and being compliant within key markets involved in subsea engineering is important to Petrodive and this is demonstrated with the second successful audit in recent months within the oil and gas industry. 

Commenting on the successful completion of the audit, managing director Stéphane Troté said: “safety is paramount in the diving industry, but to be able to dive in the West Africa Sea with a company such as TOTAL EP demonstrates the levels of competency we are operating to. To have passed this audit is something that we are both excited about and proud of as the commitment demonstrated by the team here at Petrodive has been exceptional”..

January 2015
Swiss Bureau is pleased to present its latest creation designed and built for Petrodive in Dubai.
View the photos here.
June 2014
Petrodive has been awarded by SAIPEM for the raising of a 32 meters trawler wreck, in Pointe Noire port. This project is part of a draft hype of a new dock. Using SRP system installed on the quay, the divers have inspected the wreck, pumped the accumulated mud, repaired, sealed and refloated the vessel.
June 2014
The Port Gentil Base construction is now completed. New offices for the management team and technicians in Port Gentil port.
June 2014
Petrodive is preparing an operation for TEPC DPTN department. We are going to mobilize the Total diving spread on a four point mooring supply vessel. Petrodive team will dive in shallow water in order to inspect the actual PLEM, a 24’ valve and a 40’ pipe on the SBM single point mooring, Djeno terminal.
June 2014
Petrodive is waiting for his new compact spread, coming from Cape Town for Congo.
June 2014
SAIPEM/Boscongo has chosen Petrodive to provide diving team and diving equipment in order to perform an underwater sounding survey of the seabed, on the new Litchenjili pier area. The next job, once the king piles are installed, is to fix anodes on it.
June 2014
Petrodive remains true to its commitments.
We continue to sponsor the Bar’Bars Rugby team. This year, 70 jerseys were distributed to the Junior and Senior teams. Moreover, Petrodive is proud to offer a new emblem to this powerful team. Coming from the jungle,
a new mascot for new victories.
June 2014
Petrodive is going to carry out Under Water Inpection in Lieu of Drydocking on work over barge. We are going to inspect the sea chests, the side shell crossing welds, the full hull and make some cathodic protection measurements. Some additional jobs like valve plugging, sea chest grids change out will be done. A diving spread will be mobilized, with full set of NDT equipment.
June 2014
Our shipping department received its brand new hydraulic polishing machines. With our complete range of sanding disks, we are able to achieve Rupert’s scale grade A on a propeller polishing in a very short time.
June 2014
Petrodive assists GNCAC in the construction of a warehouse for BOSCONGO in Pointe Noire. Petrodive rope access technicians, certified IRATA 3 and 2, manage the safety of the workers at height. We provide installation of life lines on top of the building in order for the workers to install the roof safely, according to IRATA standards.
June 2014
As part of its contract with Perenco Gabon, Petrodive has mobilized on the diving support vessel Mamola Melody its brand new wet bell “EMY” for mix gas works such as clamps, risers and spool pieces installation.
June 2014
Petrodive has been awarded to conduct a one year water temperature study on the TOTAL NKP Barge. In collaboration with our partner NORTEKMED, we will measure water temperature from 50 meters depth to 150 meters. The purpose of this study is to define the most suitable depth for pumping the coldest water.
June 2014
In order to satisfy client’s request to increase our working depth, Petrodive has acquired a brand new wet bell, “TIMO”. This equipment has been mobilized on Congorep barge, and will be used to dive up to 70 m on Emeraude, Likouala and Yombo oil fields.
June 2014
Petrodive is proud to send 2 Congoleses and 1 Gabonese of our employees to the Ecole Nationale des Scaphandriers (Brandnew French Commercial Diving School) in order for them to become commercial divers and for us to reward them for their work as tenders and also to develop our local content.
Hose winding on a carousel
April 2014
Petrodive tries to assist as much as possible its clients. For example, assistance during Perenco Congo mobilization: hose winding on a carousel on Petrodive’s Yard. Living quarters’ construction for Congorep has also been done on our yard.
April 2014
After a refurbishment of this dive support, the BK Barge was awarded
with another contract including a third diving team with our compact air diving spread.
April 2014
Following our permanent contract with Total EP Congo, Petrodive mobilized a 12-man diving team from February to May as an Inspection, Repair and Maintenance campaign.
April 2014
The DSV (4-point mooring system) is mobilized for a third short-term diving contract with a Petrodive 10-man team onboard. This vessel is equipped with the brand new Wet Bell “EMY” for mixed gas operations. This contract is a construction one as it is for clamps, risers and spool pieces installation.
New job awarded from Technip
January 2014

Petrodive has been awarded by Technip a new contract for a survey on Djeno site for the account of Total EP Congo

TPSMI long term contract with Saipem Congo
January 2014

Petrodive is performing subsea assistance and works for civil engineering for Saipem Congo on the new quay construction in the Port Autonome of Pointe Noire.

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