Petrodive (former TPSMI) entrusted RALF TECH, A French watch brand, with the special crafting of a limited and numbered edition watch model. RALF TECH is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of fine time pieces which professional divers have entrusted since 1998. In 2005, it has broken the diving world record with an immersion lasting 10 hours, reaching a depth of 330 meters using the very first RALF TECH Watch. Combining elegance and performance, RALF TECH also manufactures watches for various professions whose requirements and sharpness are established facts such as the elite operators of the Commandos of the French Marine Nationale, the members of GIGN, French Intervention Force, the operators of the French Command Special Ops and even the Vendee Globe and Jaques Vabre skippers.

WRX «O» Hybrid Original
Petrodive Limited Edition

WRX «A» Noon Automatic
Petrodive Limited Edition

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