Diving Environments

PETRODIVE provide high quality and tailor-made subsea services in 4 different environments.

Renewable Energies


Hostile, Poluted and Confined Environments


In an environment increasingly reliant on renewables energies, PETRODIVE adjusts itself to answer the needs of the renewable energy industry. PETRODIVE can assist renewable energy projects anywhere in the world.

Renewable Energies Projects

PETRODIVE can provide you with the following commercial diving services for renewable projects:

  • Subsea cable installation and repair
  • J Tube installation and modification
  • Installation of mattresses and scour protection systems
  • Cathodic protection installation and anode replacement
  • Seabed clearance and levelling
  • Ultra-thermic cutting and underwater welding
  • Underwater refurbishment and maintenance
  • Concrete breakout and replacement

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